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City View is a local, independent, family owned and operated business and as Salem's only provider of complete funeral services in one location we encourage you to personally inspect our complete service facilities and witness for yourself the story of life amid the natural garden beauty.

City View Cemetery

Salem, OR City View Cemetery
You will find calm, caring advice and comforting individual service with faithful attention to all details from pre-need to time-of-need arrangements.
The cemetery contains the hilltop Mount Crest Abbey Mausoleum which oped in in 1914. An addition was completed in 1929 and seven more additions have been added, the last in 1981. The cemetery also has two outdoor mausoleums and two crematories. The cemetery allows raised markers & monuments. Special areas recognize veterans of wars fought by Americans since the American Civil War. A service recognizing all veterans is help every Memorial Day.

City View Cemetery Entrance in Salem, Oregon
Under the protective gaze of the Hawthorne trees, City View Cemetery preserves forever the memories of loved ones, reflecting man's natural wish to remember and be remembered.

The cemetery was established in 1893 just west of the existing Salem Pioneer Cemetery on land purchased by Jason Porter Frizzell, who had settled in Salem after traveling with his parents on the Oregon Trail. In 1950 the cemetery was purchased by Herman M. & Leta Johnston in 1970 by William & Fern Hilts. The cemetery is currently owned and operated by Richard Hilts, son of William and Fern and nephew of Leta Johnson.

City View Funeral Home

City View Funeral Home, In Salem Metro Area.City View Funeral Home was completed in the spring of 1999. It is adjacent to the cemetery entrance. Our facilities include chapels, reception rooms, private family rooms, and display area for casket selection and memorial items. Off street parking is provided.

City View is now the only family owned full service funeral home, cemetery, mausoleum and crematory in the Salem area.

City View Chapel

City View Funeral Home Chapel in Salem, Oregon.
City View Chapel

Mount Crest Abbey Mausoleum

Mt. Crest Abbey Mausoleum at City Fiew in Salem, Oregon.
Mt. Crest Abbey Mausoleum
Historic Mount Crest Abbey Mausoleum, built in 1914, is the final resting place for some of Oregon's most honored citizens.

The mausoleum is an alternative to ground burial. It offers crypts for entombment and niches for cremation. It is dry, clean and secure, protected from the elements. Above ground entombment is a custom of lang standing. Well know examples are the Taj Mahal, the Tomb of Christ and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Still today many people prefer the dignity and protection of above ground mausoleum burial.

Noted architect Ellis Lawrence designed Mount Crest Abbey Mausoleum in 1914. He also designed the Elsinore Theatre & Mahonoa Hall in Salem, McArthyr Court, Knight Library and U of O Women's Memorial Quadrangle and Schnitzer Museum of Art in Eugene.