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We offer a wide variety of casket styles, prices, and alternative containers from which to select.

  • Caskets range from $875-$8395
  • Cremation caskets and alternative containers range from $50-$3395
  • Outer burial containers and vaults range from $995-$2795
  • Urns and other cremation items range from $25-$2000

A complete price list will be provided at the funeral home. Outer burial containers are subject to a delivery and set-up charge by the vault company. The fee varies with the cemetery chosen.

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Outer Burial Containers

In most areas of the country, state or local law does not require that you buy a container to surround the casket in the grave. However, many cemeteries require that you have such a container so that the grave will not sink in. Either a grave liner or a burial vault will satisfy these requirements.

Vault: Wilbert Copper Triune

Extra heavy concrete construction in the base and cover. Seamless ABS Trilon inner base and cover. Interior finishing liner of 16-ounce solid copper. Patented Unidex bonding of both inner liners. Solid copper cover carapace with plated wreath and nameplate. Superior structural strength with the bonded solid copper inner liner and the copper cover carapace. Precision fit tongue-in-groove seal. Sealed with all-weather Superseal. Six distinctive die case electroplated handles.

Vault: Wilbert Stainless Steel Triune or Cameo Rose

Extra heavy concrete construction in the base and cover. Seamless ABS Trilon liner in the base and cover. Exclusive Unidex bonding system of inner liners to concrete, forming a high-strength composite. Interior metal liner of brilliant stainless steel, bonded with Wilbert’s exclusive adhesive system to enhance strength, as well as adding beauty to the burial vault. Stainless steel carapace with color-accenting nameplate and emblem. Precision fit tongue-in-groove seal. Sealed with all-weather Superseal. Four contemporary design cast electroplated handles.

Vault: Wilbert Venetian

Extra-heavy concrete construction in the base and cover. Seamless ABS Marbelon inner liner base and cover with the classic look of Venetian marble. Patented Unidex bonding of inner liner. Unique ABS Marbelon carapace with Gothic arch design and special nameplate. Precision fit tongue-in-groove seal. Sealed with all-weather Superseal. Two handsomely-designed bar type handles.

Vault: Wilbert Continental

Extra-heavy concrete construction in cover. Seamless Strentex inner liner base and cover. Patented Unidex bonding of inner liner. Precision fit tongue-in-groove seal. Sealed with all-weather Superseal. Nameplate and emblem on the cover. Six color-coordinated molded handles.

Vault: Wilbert Monticello

Seamless Strentex inner liner, base, and cover. Patented Unidex bonding of inner liner. Precision fit tongue-in-groove seal. Sealed with all-weather Superseal. Standard cover design.

Concrete Grave Box

A vault company charge will be added for:
  • Saturday services
  • First four hours on Sundays and holidays
  • Per hour for services at 3:30 pm or later

Caskets - Metal

Bronze & Copper - Non–Rusting
W09 Persian Bronze 32 oz. Velvet Interior
V58 Primrose Bronze 32 oz. Velvet Interior
Y39 Aegean Copper 32 oz. Velvet Interior
YC3 Ivory Pearl 32 oz. Velvet Interior

Stainless Steel- Rust-resistant
WOR7 Greyson* Premium - SST Velvet Interior
OR6 Renaissance Rose* Premium - SST Velvet Interior
UG2 Golden Rose* Basic – SST Velvet Interior
U46 Tapestry Rose Basic – SST Velvet Interior

Steel Selections
F63 Sapphire* 16 GA. Velvet Interior
OA7 Golden Sand* 18 GA. Velvet Interior
C47 Silver Rose* 18 GA. Velvet Interior
JF9 Golden Midnight 18 GA. Velvet Interior
J12 Glacier Blue* 18 GA. Velvet Interior
A60 Merlot* 18 GA. Microfiber Interior
C42 Platinum* 18 GA. Crepe Interior
A40 Primrose* 18 GA. Crepe Interior
K80 Silver Rose* 19 GA. Crepe Interior
H92 Mandarin* 18 GA. Velour Interior
O61 Burnished Silver* 18 GA. Crepe Interior
AB3 Ivory Gold* 18 GA. Crepe Interior
OT9 Indigo* 18 GA. Velvet Interior
O77 Ocean Blue* 18 GA. Crepe Interior
N83 Misty Rose* 18 GA. Crepe Interior
N84 Antique Blue 18 GA. Crepe Interior
M59 Jewel Mint* 20 GA. Crepe Interior
R59 Revere Silver 20 GA. Crepe Interior
S41 Cortez Gold* 20 GA. Crepe Interior
S48 Heirloom Pewter* 20 GA. Crepe Interior
L98 Emeraldtone* 20 GA. Crepe Interior
Q02 Earthtone 20 GA. Crepe Interior

Standard Steel Virgo Series (Blue, Silver, Copper, White)
Standard Steel Aries Series (Blue, White, Brown, Silver, Orchid)
Standard Steel Gemini Series (Silver, Pink, White, Blue, Copper)
Standard Steel Apollo Series (Silver, Copper, Blue, Black)

Caskets - Wood & Cremation

Wood Selections
7PM Pembroke Cherry Cherry Velvet Interior
7V3 Pearson Cherry* Cherry Velvet Interior
5ZZ Barkley 1Oak-Flex* Oak Velvet Interior
3NC Laurel Maple* Maple Velvet Interior
3XI Pieta Maple-Flex* Maple Velvet Interior
20A Woodbridge Pecan-Flex* Pecan Velvet Interior
2V1 Woodhaven-Flex* Pecan Velvet Interior
5AR Autumn Oak* Oak Crepe Interior
4NP Fairfield-Flex* Poplar Crepe Interior
Rosette* Poplar Natural Eyelet
4B3 Windsor* Poplar Crepe Interior
5JS Goldridge Oak Crepe Interior
6LN Finley Pine* Pine Crepe Interior
4VT Westridge Hardwood* Poplar Crepe Interior
4BJ Citation Poplar Crepe Interior
4C1 Delray Poplar* Poplar Crepe Interior
Libra Harvest Series Poplar Crepe Interior

Specialty Caskets

OVL Oak 344 Timber/SHD Satin Oak Crepe Interior
RFL POP.041.M Unfinished Poplar Fabray Interior
Grey-Embossed Oval Top Hercu-Lite Cloth-Covered Crepe Interior
CCDZ-50KP White Ventura White Interior
CCD9-35JP Blue Lawton White Interior
Gray Malet Cloth-Covered White Barry

Cremation Caskets

5 Pioneer Oak* Oak Crepe Interior
4 Newport Poplar* Poplar Crepe Interior
Pacific Pine* Pine Crepe Interior
Bayview Beech Hardboard* Beech Crepe Interior
Shaker Pine* Pine Crepe Interior

Alternative Cremation Containers

Standard Standard Crepe Interior
Basic Alternative Container Baden Crepe Interior
Fiberboard Base w/Cardboard Surround Fiberboard Crepe Interior

*These caskets are available in our selection room.

Note: Other selections are available by photograph in the booklet your funeral director can provide.

Other Memorial Items and/or Supplemental Services

  • Standard registrar boooklet
  • Standard memorial folders
  • Standard thank you/acknowledgement cards
  • Standard memorial box set (includes register book, folders, and acknowledgement cards)
  • Prayer cards
  • Crucifix (first one included, more at additional cost)
  • Casket shipping tray (required by common carrier)
  • Combination unit (shipping tray and temporary casket)
  • Mailing of cremated human remains (includes mailing receptacle)
  • Cremation process
  • Mailing receptacle for cremated remains
  • Flag case – oak/walnut
  • Temporary grave marker in another cemetery
  • Reception area (coffee/tea, juice, cookies)


  • Translation of documents for international transfers

Cash Advances

In order to accommodate you and your family, there are certain items that we will obtain for your convenience that are of additional expense.

Cash Advance Items

  • Placement of obituary in newspaper (local or out-of-town)
  • State of Oregon filing of death certificate
  • State of Oregon certified death certificate
  • Minister/officiate suggested honorarium
  • Soloist and/or organist honorarium
  • Airline air freight or other common carrier
  • Limousine

Disclaimer of Warranties

Warranties: City View Funeral Home and Cemetery makes no representations or warranties about the protective value of certain caskets or burial containers other than those made by the manufacturer. The only warranties, expressed or implied, granted in connection with goods sold with this funeral service are the express written warranties, if any, extended by the manufacturers thereof. No other warranties of merchandising fitness for a particular purpose are extended by the seller.